About Us

We’re the parents of high schoolers who quickly became overwhelmed with the process of planning the next steps for our children’s post graduation choices. We knew there had to be a better way.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours with other parents, students, school administrators, counselors, professors, admissions experts and teachers gathering data about how to improve the process. Many had great ideas; each provided a unique viewpoint; all agreed the current process is just too difficult.

Here are the challenges all pointed to:
  • Too much information is scattered all over the Internet and in various offices on campuses
  • There is no coherent, automated, electronic process available to assist all parties involved
  • The communication among the parties is lackluster or nonexistent

To address these challenges, we leveraged our decades of experience in creating solutions through technology and developed a web-based portal that allows schools, students and parents to research, plan, track, receive alerts and, in the long run, thoroughly succeed at planning the bright futures that students deserve.

Our Guiding Principles

We Believe...

  • In the power of education
  • More time spent with students makes all the difference
  • All dreams can come true
  • Each student should thrive in school and out
  • Today’s students ARE the future
  • In the next generation
  • Technology can help
  • Every student needs options for the future
  • Education makes a difference
  • Communication between Educators, Parents and Students is critical to success
  • Everyone should give back to the community