School and District Benefits

My4YearPlan provides High Schools and Districts with a simple four year plan solution to address every student's graduation & post graduation planning needs. High School educators are proactive, more productive & eliminate most of the tedious & time consuming tasks allowing more time to be spent developing stronger relationships with every student. High School, District and County educators utilizing My4YearPlan will:

  • Increase graduation rates
  • Improve course and FTE planning
  • Gain more 1 on 1 time with individual students
  • Proactively find at-risk students
  • Enable more communication with educators, students and parents
  • Reduce/Eliminate course selection entry into your SIS
  • Create workflow around your Student Review process
  • Consolidate information around students, communication and planning

Key Features included with My4YearPlan:

  • A complete web hosted solution without school or district IT support needs
  • Electronic versions of four year plans with automated work flow and counselor approval
  • Built-in "Senior Survey" to track post-graduation choices
  • Reporting system for detailed information about students, courses, school and district
  • Automated student alerting for any changes to requirements (changes in pre-requisites, missing classes, etc)
  • Convenient system for requesting meetings, questions and/or transcripts
  • Additional communication outlet for parents and students
  • Resources page including key articles, information & message posting
  • Automated Student Review work flow system for SSTs or All Teacher Conferences
  • Web links to additional information with voting on site content