Value to Students and Parents


Your school counselor may be the most wonderful and accessible person on the planet, or he or she may be juggling a thousand students and barely know your name. One thing's for sure - the person who has the biggest stake in your academic planning is YOU!!! Use's 4 easy steps to stay on top of your High School graduation path, plan for opportunities after high school and receive automated alerts throughout the entire process - to take control of your future. With, your responsibility just became a whole lot easier!

Here are some of the great features in store for you with

  • Electronic schedule planning
  • Alerts for all important dates
  • Entrance requirements for any college you choose
  • Automatic notification for any issues regarding your requirements
  • Answers to most questions about colleges, community colleges, trade/vocational schools
  • Direct communication with your school's counselors
  • Information about any college - admission, financial and general
  • Full complement of resources- links, websites, articles and videos


Most parents find themselves buried with all the information available & delivered like; graduation & college requirements, deadlines, calendars, fliers, mailers, college entrance company advertisements promising everything under the sun. was designed by parents of high school students in four easy steps for an easier way to understand;

Where your son or daughter stands in graduating on time.

What options are available after graduation.

How my son or daughter is currently doing or on target to enter any trade/vocational/JC or College

Communicate and ensure that yourself, your son or daughter and their counselor all work together on those same goals!