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Whether your student is struggling in the moment or finds math an overall challenge, My 4-Year Plan Professional Learning Specialist Jim Mawhinney has your back.  A veteran math instructor, Jim brings over 20 years of college-level teaching experience to help your child overcome the confusion and anxiety associated with math, and gain the building blocks they need to be successful as a math student.
Flexible Plans:
Sign up for an hour or a regular schedule. Tutoring is conveniently provided in our offices for a one on one concentrated experience or via Zoom. 
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SAT Prep - Math

For many students, the math portion is the biggest challenge on the SAT. Now you can choose to specifically focus on math SAT prep!
Your student will receive a customized curriculum plan on your schedule developed exclusively for them.  No waiting for other students to get questions answered and devoting hours of time on lengthy lesson days.  
SAT for Competitive Schools:  More than ever, the SAT will be a differentiating factor in admissions, especially at test-optional schools because there has been a tremendous increase of applicants to competitive schools. When college admissions officers see that your student not only has the GPA and resume of activities and community service, but also a high SAT score, it significantly improves their chances of admission.

Study and Organizational Skills Training

 Whether your student is in 3rd grade or 12th grade, their study and organizational skills have a direct impact on their confidence and success at school.  If your student is struggling with note-taking, time management, and organization, this is the hope and help you've been seeking!
Flexible Formats:  Private training or “summer camp”
Summer Camp: Students in 3-5 grade are placed in a 4-person group (Social Distance friendly) atmosphere, where they will use a variety of learning modalities to appeal to their specific styles (Auditory, visual, and kinesthetic).
Unlike summer camps that mix all fun with little learning, this camp will engage your student, WHILE giving them expert professional instruction!)
Private training provides a higher level of diagnosing your student's specific points of struggle and customizes strategies that  lead to monumental improvements.

Meet Professional Learning Specialist

Jim Mawhinney

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Jim's academic career has included such roles as Dean and Director of Education, Campus Director, and currently as an Instructor at Penn State Beaver. Serving My 4-Year Plan as both an educational consultant and lead tutor, Jim integrates great relational skills to foster relationships with both students and parents.  One of his passions is helping students overcome their confusion, stress, and anxiety over math, which he has done for the past 20 years.  Jim holds a Master of Arts in Teaching from Penn State University.





"Great, professional experience. Highly recommend for SAT prep. Jim was great, good at communicating everything, and teaching style was perfect for my son!"
-Hampton Parent


Why we’re different:

 With private SAT math tutoring, you select the days and times that work best around your family schedule, and we will develop an individualized schedule that leads up to the date of the test.
Plans Tiered to your student’s need!
Your student will complete an initial math section test of short and long answers.  Jim will analyze the results, identify the areas of weakness, and create a customized curriculum plan and schedule for your student that aligns with their starting point!

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