Guiding You and Your Student through the Entire College Planning Process!

The college process can be overwhelming.  Just like a coach who helps guide and strengthen your student's talents, My 4-Year Plan comes alongside your family to help give your children vision, navigate the college selection process, enhance admission qualifications and even consider how to creatively pay for it.

Parents of Hampton Senior, Class of 2022

Allison Park, Pennsylvania

I wanted to express our gratitude for everything you have done for us so far. You have spent your time, put effort and dedicated yourself not as a college counselor but as a true friend. You, without doubt, went above and beyond, and exceeded our expectations. We really appreciate that.


Breckin H.

Allison Park, Pennsylvania

So thankful for everything you've done for me in my college endeavors!  You are amazing at what you do and me and my family will forever be grateful!  Everything is finally piecing together and it is amazing to see it all in front of me. Thank you!!! 


Allison Park, Pennsylvania

Our son just got accepted to Johns Hopkins!  We cannot express our gratitude with words.  You are Awesome!!!


Dr. Tracey M.

Mccandless Township, PA

Cathy is passionate, knowledgeable and truly cares about the success of your child. We cannot even put a value on the countless hours she spent researching Abby's opportunities. We are extremely grateful because she was able to map out a strategic college plan which will not only satisfy Abby's educational goals but will literally save us thousands of dollars over the course of 4 years. Please reach out to her if you have a child considering college. I can't say enough about her.


Brandie D.

Naples, Florida

I am so thankful to have the seasoned guidance of Cathy in helping to navigate my children's college preparation and application process. It is not a process we are comfortable navigating on our own in the ever changing world of college acceptance and preparation. Retaining Cathy's services has caused us to breathe a deep sigh of relief!

Jennifer H.

Hampton Township, Pennsylvania

Thank you Cathy! This will be good info. Yes, she has definitely gained some confidence with the acceptance letters and thru this process with you. We really appreciate you and the things you continue to do to help us in our journey. 


Lindsey T.

college sophomore, Allison Park, PA.

So, friends, everyone everywhere needs to hear this information in some way or another, ready, okay- Cathy Lueers from My 4-Year Plan has been working with with me to customize the next steps in my education to save money, save time, and focus on my calling more directly. In the last 24 hours she has saved me $50,000 or more. She is an absolute pro when it comes to navigating college requirements, helping students figure out how to utilize their passions in the work force, and finding a million different short cuts to get you where you need to be. Her resources are endless and she has loads of experience. 100/10 would recommend contacting her to get started on your own plan! Don't be nervous- she's the most down to earth person you could ever meet 🙂 


Leslie K.

Hampton Township, PA

If you have a child in HS, I strongly advise you to call Cathy. She is a college and career coach. She is so positive and inspiring. She can save you an average of 30k-50k for college. It doesn't matter what grade your child is in... she will be your strongest advocate. My daughter is a senior now and we are blown away by what she is doing for us. We are also seeking her expertise for our son who is a sophomore.

Lucy N.

Hampton Township, PA

Andrew just got accepted into Yale early action!  Thank you for everything! No one at his high school has ever been accepted to Yale before.

Kristin B.

North Hills, Pittsburgh

So thankful for Cathy! With three girls headed off to college, she is such a blessing, as well as a wealth of information! There are so many things to consider, from the personality of the child as well as their aptitude in a certain area, to camps, internships, college opportunities, and even volunteering to expose the students to career/scholarship possibilities. Cathy blew me away with her knowledge base regarding ALL of these. There were so many things we haven't even considered. My daughter Margaret is spending the summer experiencing and shadowing career options that Cathy helped her to come up with during their time together. Margaret is doing STEM work this week in Fox Chapel, was awarded free entrance to an Engineering camp at Rensselear Polytechnic and as a junior, has already been awarded a Scholarship to Furman University. We would not have even known about any of these things without Cathy. Her expertise is absolutely priceless!!!


Dayna W.

McCandless, Pennsylvania
"We had the extreme fortune of meeting with Cathy as our son began his college search and application process.  We were completely new to the whole process and knew nothing about the procedures of college planning, or even where to begin.  Cathy was incredibly knowledgeable, and she was so patient with us as we asked her question after question!   She went out of her way to meet with us at a time and location that was convenient to us.  She provided us with a wealth of knowledge and information that got us on the right track to getting our son to the college that best met his needs.  Furthermore, she explained the financial aid process (and made that complex task seem less cumbersome) and showed us where to look for the best grants and scholarships to make college a reality for our son.   I'm not sure how we would have succeeded without her help."

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Cathy Lueers is a member of the National association of College Admission Counselors