The sky is the limit
with My 4-Year Plan

Guiding Principles


My 4-Year Plan comprehensively works with each student to create a customized plan so they can focus on success.


My 4-Year Plan strategically maximizes scholarship opportunities. Because a quality education should open the door to dreams, not debt.


My 4-Year Plan identifies opportunities aligned with your student’s goals, ensuring a pathway to long-term success.

About Cathy Lueers

The potential of this generation to impact every corner of industry is astounding, and My 4-Year Plan is passionate about coming alongside you and your students to help launch them into an amazing future.  At My 4-Year Plan, trade your overwhelming unknowns for confidence, excitement, and vision!  - Cathy Lueers, CEO at My 4-Year Plan

The Current State of College:

College has risen
In the past 20 years
Graduation Rates are sinking. Only
of students are graduating in 4 years
College Debt is skyrocketing
average debt per college graduate

My 4-Year Plan helps students find the right major, the right college, and the right price, while saving you an average of $30,000-50,000 per student.


“It's very difficult to navigate the world of college when you've been so far removed. Working with Cathy to develop a plan for our children has been invaluable.”



“We cannot even put a value on the countless hours she spent researching Abby's opportunities.”


“I am blown away by this woman. She is over the top fantastic!! She is truly dedicated to helping kids and parents get a grip on what needs to be done for college. I cannot image going thru this whole process without her. I highly recommend her!!!”


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