Career Snapshots

On Career Snapshots, I interview professionals and college students to bring you insights into a variety of careers. Hearing more about how they got into their careers, what a typical day looks like, some of the upsides and downsides, and where their industries are headed can give you better ideas as you consider careers and majors.

Supply Chain Management with Andrea Baker

Considering majoring in business at college but not sure which specialization to pursue? Supply chain managers are integral to the overall process, from raw materials to end users. In this interview, discover more about the day-to-day and career trends in Supply Chain from a recent college grad.


Pop Culture Journalism with Anna Rumer

Discover how Anna Rumer merged her passion for pop culture, adventure, and getting the inside scoop with a career in journalism!

What it Takes to be an Industrial Design Student with Chris Ference

Q and A with Chris Ference, an Industrial Design student at RIT. Learn about portfolio prep for college, career outlook, coursework and requirements, and career opportunities in the field.

Marketing and Event Planning with Lauren Andros Virgin

Specializing in marketing brand management for both A and L Events, a company she started, and Virgin Carpets, a family-owned business where she works with her husband and father-in-law. (